Sunday, 30 November 2014

Random Round-Up 2

Time for another month(ish)'s worth of cool things.

How Did This Get Made? is a podcast about bad movies that I've been listening to a lot lately. I enjoy it whether I've seen the movie or not — the episode I've linked is an atypical episode, because they have the director of the movie as a guest. It gives a really interesting insight into the process of making movies that I thought was worth sharing, even if the podcast doesn't otherwise sound like your thing.

WorkFlowy is a really convenient website for organising stuff. Basically, you create lists, which can then have sublists within sublists within sublists into infinity. You can also tag and star and I'm having trouble resisting the temptation to just put my entire life on there right now.

I was looking up interesting animals for one of our puzzle pages and found this amazing looking snake - Atheris (or Bush Viper). I love the contrast between the green and the dark blue, and also how spiky it is. Kind of dragon-like. 

This video is both fascinating and seasonally appropriate - it's about making candy canes by hand. I found the process of the stretching and turning the sugar white absolutely mesmerizing. 

Fun Fact - If you start on any random wikipedia page and click the first link on each following page (unless you've already clicked it in that round), you will end up at 'philosophy' in 30 links or less. Try it!
On tumblr I found this excellent photograph of suffragettes in bathing suits eating pizza to annoy men. Apparently this was a trend!
Also on tumblr was this photograph of an amazing art exhibit using watch faces to look like a frozen golden rain. More pictures and a video can be found here

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