Sunday, 5 April 2015

Random Round-Up (Easter)

Happy Easter! Since I'm not a religious person, Easter doesn't mean all that much to me - but I discovered a few Easter traditions while looking for magazine cover ideas and they're pretty, so I thought I'd share.
This is an Easter Egg Tree - or Ostereierbaum (link to wikipedia). Apparently, they're mostly found in Germany, Austria and other German-influenced places. Eggs are blown, decorated and hung on trees or bushes for Easter (or for May Day, Christmas, Whitsun or the Summer Solstice).
It's so colourful! Especially when it's such a big tree with so many eggs.
These are Pysanka - Ukranian Easter eggs made using a wax-resistant dying method. Very intricate and cool! These are generally given as gifts, and the colours / patterns on them will have some signifcance to the person you're giving them to.
There's even a Pysanka museum!

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